Red Bullet Super Strong

Red Bullet Power Poppers

These are worth a try and when you do, you will keep coming back for more. We have recommended these to many customers, and they all loved it. It is not the cheapest but certainly (one off) the best. To save some cash we advice you buy a multi-pack as that works out cheaper per bottle.

The Red Bullet Poppers come with a power pellet; this is added for extra strength, but it also reignites the already strong formula when re-using an already opened bottle. Give it a little shake before use.

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  1. Red Bullet-Potent Blue
    Red Bullet-Potent Blue
    Now €17.49 Was €24.99
  2. Raw-Red Bullet Multi
    Raw-Red Bullet Multi
    Now €12.60 Was €18.00
  3. Red Bullet-Berlin-Rush 10ml Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Rush 10ml Multi
    Now €19.20 Was €24.00
  4. Red Bullet-Berlin-Original Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Original Multi
    Now €21.20 Was €26.50
  5. Red Bullet-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Now €22.00 Was €27.50
  6. Red Bullet-Berlin-Raw Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Raw Multi
    Now €17.15 Was €24.50
  7. Deep Red-DV8-Bottom Multi
    Deep Red-DV8-Bottom Multi
    Now €18.40 Was €23.00

Items 1-24 of 40

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