Popular Popper Packs

Popular Poppers Packs

We have so many multi and mixed packs in our Poppers Shop that we thought it might be a good idea to group some of our best selling packs in one page. It won't come as a suprise that Berlin XXX, Fist, Potent Blue, Leather Cleaner, Original, Jungle Juice, Xtreme, Liquid Gold and Rush are all part of our best selling popper multi pack brands.

Alson on this page are a few of the most popular mixed packs. We will be adding more mixed packs and hopefully your favourite combination will be included in that.

We ship our poppers to most places in the world, all our parcels are packed discreetly in plain padded envelopes or boxes depending on the size of you order. Enjoy our selection and let us know which one you like the most by leaving us a review.

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  1. Berlin-Potent Blue-Pig Yellow
    Berlin-Potent Blue-Pig Yellow
    Now €19.94 Was €28.49
  2. Potent Blue-Xtreme Power
    Potent Blue-Xtreme Power
    Now €20.78 Was €25.98
  3. Liquid Gold-Rush-Squirt Multi
    Liquid Gold-Rush-Squirt Multi
    Now €11.20 Was €14.00
  4. Liquid Gold-Rush-Throb Hard Multi
    Liquid Gold-Rush-Throb Hard Multi
    Now €10.80 Was €13.50
  5. Liquid Gold-Pure Gold-Rush
    Liquid Gold-Pure Gold-Rush
    Now €10.85 Was €15.50
  6. Pig Yellow-Pig Red Multi
    Pig Yellow-Pig Red Multi
    Now €14.40 Was €18.00
  7. Berlin-Pig Red-Bears Multi
    Berlin-Pig Red-Bears Multi
    Now €14.70 Was €21.00
  8. Berlin-Pig Red-Amsterdam Multi
    Berlin-Pig Red-Amsterdam Multi
    Now €17.60 Was €22.00
  9. Berlin-Pig Yellow-Amsterdam Multi
    Berlin-Pig Yellow-Amsterdam Multi
    Now €15.40 Was €22.00
  10. Berlin-Pig Yellow-English Multi
    Berlin-Pig Yellow-English Multi
    Now €15.40 Was €22.00
  11. Amsterdam-English-Rush Multi
    Amsterdam-English-Rush Multi
    Now €14.80 Was €18.50
  12. Amsterdam-Bears-Rush Multi
    Amsterdam-Bears-Rush Multi
    Now €14.00 Was €17.50
  13. Top-Bottom - Aroma Multi
    Top-Bottom - Aroma Multi
    Now €10.40 Was €13.00

Items 1-24 of 56

per page
Set Descending Direction

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