This is a little nod to all our German Customers. We sell a lot to Germany and therfore we thought we would create a page which is dedicted to Poppers Kaufen which we believe is the correct term. We have made a selection on this page that reflect the most popular poppers in Germany. It is no surprise that Berlin XXX is the best seller. Berlin has a reputation for hardcore action and this brand certainly reflects that.

Strong Poppers Kaufen

Not only is Berlin popular in Germany, also Fist, Pig Red, Pig Yellow FF, Potent Blue and Jungle Juice sell really well, and in terms of the smaller bottles the best sellers are Liquid Gold, Platinum, Rush and the 10ml Amsterdam. It is noticable that our German friends often go for the stronger brands and I must say they often select great products. Like with all the countries we sell to, the Mix Packs are very popular. So here we are German friends, this is the place for Poppers Kaufen, we ship fast and dicreetly.

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  1. Alpha-Hard Fuck-Hardon Multi
    Alpha-Hard as Fuck-Hardon Multi
    Now €16.00 Was €20.00
  2. Rush XXL Aroma - 25ml - 3 Pack
    Rush XXL Aroma - 25ml - 3 Pack
    Now €21.60 Was €27.00
  3. Potent Blue-Xtreme Power
    Potent Blue-Xtreme Power
    Now €20.78 Was €25.98
  4. Berlin-Potent Blue-Amsterdam
    Berlin-Potent Blue-Amsterdam
    Now €20.79 Was €25.99
  5. Liquid Gold-Pure Gold-Rush
    Liquid Gold-Pure Gold-Rush
    Now €10.85 Was €15.50
  6. Berlin-Potent Blue-Pig Yellow
    Berlin-Potent Blue-Pig Yellow
    Now €19.94 Was €28.49
  7. Pig Yellow-Pig Red Multi
    Pig Yellow-Pig Red Multi
    Now €14.40 Was €18.00
  8. Berlin-Pig Yellow-English Multi
    Berlin-Pig Yellow-English Multi
    Now €15.40 Was €22.00
  9. Berlin-Amsterdam-Rush Multi
    Berlin-Amsterdam-Rush Multi
    Now €14.00 Was €17.50
  10. Pig Red Aroma - 25ml - 5 Pack
    Pig Red Aroma - 25ml - 5 Pack
    Now €31.50 Was €45.00

Items 1-24 of 53

per page
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