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To buy Poppers in Europe, USA and a few other places, then you are at the right place here. We have a massive selection of strong poppers that will not disappoint. From the Best Selling hardcore Berlin XXX to the popular Liquid Gold Poppers, we have the lot.

For the best deals have a look at our multi packs, the bigger the multi pack, the smaller the prices in our store. Our Poppers Shop ships to Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia the Benelux and othe European countries. Outside Europe we ship to Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

By far our best selling category is the Mixed Pack. Hhere we have a selection of different brands mixed together. By far the best sellings mixed packs on this Poppers Shop are Liquid Gold, Rush and Pure Gold and Berlin XXX, Potent Blue and Xtreme Power. Try them out and let us know what you think.

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  1. Raw-Reds-Rush 10ml Multi
    Raw-Reds-Rush 10ml Multi
    Now €13.20 Was €16.50
  2. Red Bullet-Berlin-Raw Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Raw Multi
    Now €17.15 Was €24.50
  3. Rush XXL Aroma - 25ml - 3 Pack
    Rush XXL Aroma - 25ml - 3 Pack
    Now €21.60 Was €27.00
  4. Liquid Gold-Pure Gold-Rush
    Liquid Gold-Pure Gold-Rush
    Now €10.85 Was €15.50
  5. Pig Yellow-Pig Red Multi
    Pig Yellow-Pig Red Multi
    Now €14.40 Was €18.00
  6. Liquid Gold Aroma - 10ml - 3 Pack
    Liquid Gold Aroma - 10ml - 3 Pack
    Now €12.00 Was €15.00
  7. Raw-Red Bullet Multi
    Raw-Red Bullet Multi
    Now €12.60 Was €18.00
  8. Raw-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Raw-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Now €17.20 Was €21.50
  9. Raw-Berlin-Pig Yellow Multi
    Raw-Berlin-Pig Yellow Multi
    Now €17.20 Was €21.50
  10. Raw-Atomic Power-Iso blue Multi
    Raw-Atomic Power-Iso blue Multi
    Now €22.00 Was €27.50
  11. Red Bullet-Potent Blue
    Red Bullet-Potent Blue
    Now €17.49 Was €24.99
    Out of stock
  12. Red Bullet-Berlin-Rush 10ml Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Rush 10ml Multi
    Now €19.20 Was €24.00
  13. Red Bullet-Berlin-Original Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Original Multi
    Now €21.20 Was €26.50
  14. Red Bullet-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Now €22.00 Was €27.50

Items 1-24 of 352

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