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With so many strong poppers in our store we thought it might be a great idea to combine some of them creating mixed packs of strong and potent poppers. It is a great way of combining what we hope are your favourite brands. We focused on combining only the best sellers otherwise it could become a bit overwhelming. Buying mixed pack poppers is also great if you want to try something new, these 3 packs are all reduced in price and provide a perfect opportunity to try a few new brands. For those who are unsure what to buy, here are a few of our best-selling packs: 1. Berlin – Red Bullet – Raw 2. Liquid Gold- Pure Gold – Rush 3. Berlin – Potent Blue – Xtreme Power 4. Power Rush – Liquid Gold XXL – Rush XXL 5. Berlin – Pig Yellow – Amsterdam 6. Top – Bottom 7. Pig Yellow – Pig Red 8. Bottom – Rosebud – Slammed 9. Red Bullet – Berlin – Original 10. Power Rush – Berlin – Raw. These are the top 10 best-selling mix packs at the moment, but it must be said that this does change on occasion. For example, the Raw XXX – Red Bullet double pack is often high in the top 10 and so are packs with Jungle Juice in it. I guess what we are saying is that with one of the mixed packs above you will not be disappointed. We will be adding new packs as and when requested or when the demand for a certain brand increases. For those of you that want to stay up-to-date on new mixed packs, promotions or new brands please sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our page. We ship all our order as soon as we can. Orders placed before 14.00 on a weekday are shipped on the same day. We ship all over Europe in secure and discreet packaging. We hope you enjoy shopping in our popper shop and would be grateful if you left a review after you have tried a mixed pack. This is useful for potential new customers and we also use that feedback when we create new packs or are on the lookout for new brands

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  1. Power Rush 25ml-Berlin-Raw Multi
    Power Rush 25ml-Berlin-Raw Multi
    Now €17.60 Was €22.00
  2. Raw-Reds-Rush 10ml Multi
    Raw-Reds-Rush 10ml Multi
    Now €13.20 Was €16.50
  3. Raw-Red Bullet Multi
    Raw-Red Bullet Multi
    Now €12.60 Was €18.00
  4. Raw-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Raw-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Now €17.20 Was €21.50
  5. Raw-Berlin-Pig Yellow Multi
    Raw-Berlin-Pig Yellow Multi
    Now €17.20 Was €21.50
  6. Raw-Atomic Power-Iso blue Multi
    Raw-Atomic Power-Iso blue Multi
    Now €22.00 Was €27.50
  7. Red Bullet-Berlin-Rush 10ml Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Rush 10ml Multi
    Now €19.20 Was €24.00
  8. Red Bullet-Berlin-Original Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Original Multi
    Now €21.20 Was €26.50
  9. Red Bullet-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Red Bullet-Berlin-Pig Red Multi
    Now €22.00 Was €27.50

Items 1-24 of 77

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