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Welcome to the Adult Store for Men where we sell lots of essentials and have a massive range of Poppers. Our Poppers Shop area delivers mainly to Europe. So, for Poppers Kaufen, or to acheter poppers you are in the right please. We have the best-selling brands for great prices and deliver quickly to your door. We have many years of experience and have a direct connection to all the manufacturers; this means we always have fresh and potent poppers for you. We are always looking at the market to ensure we offer the best prices to you. Have a look through our poppers shop and we hope you find your favourite brand or maybe a new one. For those who are new and want some guidance I can inform you that our best seller are Berlin XXX, Power Rush, Raw XXX, Red Bullet, Jungle Juice and Fist.  

About the brands

We have a massive collection and it might be difficult to choose one. We have brands that are more hardcore like Berlin XXX, Raw XXX and Fist plus powerful brands with a power pellets like Red Bullet and Power Rush. As mentioned earlier we have had the best feedback on Berlin XXX, Power Rush, Red Bullet, Raw and Jungle Juice but other very popular brands are Liquid Gold, Pig Red and Yellow plus Original. We sell the most 25ml bottles follow by 10ml and 15ml bottles. We work closely with our suppliers ensuring we always have fresh, potent and strong formulation in our bottles. If you have a favourite brand that you cannot find in our shop, please let us know and we do our level best to source this for you.  

More than just a poppers shop

Yes, we have a massive collection of poppers, but we also have plenty of other essentials as well. Our main focus is on essentials like lube, condoms and a small collection of sex toys. We are looking to expand this area in line with demand. With regards to lube the best sellers are Lubido and Liquid Silk. For the fisters we have of course the best-selling J lube. Our aim is that we have all the essentials you need for some hot action.

Our variety

One of the things that we feel makes our Popper Shop great is the variety of brands that we have, and we have also done our best to combine many of our best-selling brands. We have a huge collection of mixed packs. These are popular so you can test many combinations at a reduced rate as all the mixed packs are always discounted. It is the perfect way to find your favourite. The top 3 best selling mixed pack are; Berlin-Red Bullet-Raw, Power Rush – Liquid Gold XXL – Rush XXL, Rush-Liquid-Gold-Raw and Berlin-Potent Blue-Xtreme Power. There are so many so please have a look yourself and find the one for you. So for mix Poppers Kaufen you are at the correct place!

Why order from us?

There are various reasons why the Adult Store for men Poppers Shop is a great place to get your products we have lined the up here:

  • Huge range to choose from
  • Fresh, potent and strong formulations
  • Great prices and we often have promotions
  • Fast shipping all over Europe. From Poppers Kaufen in Germany to France, beneluc and Scandinavia.
  • We have a great team that focusses on customers service so if you have any questions please contact us.

We hope you enjoy shopping in our store and more importantly that the products that you order are to your satisfaction.

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